ITS HERE!, [.MMD] to .FBX, Easy to use DRAG and DROP Software, Only from TRUEBONES

Howdy Folks, Great News from Truebones.

ITS HERE! [.MMD] to FBX opens up MILLIONS of new possibility's for the animator.

Any Character or any Animation that is [.MMD.]  (search mmd on youtube ) Can be yours in seconds.

This includes finished animation with all the trimmings, like physics hair and soft body dynamics.

Simply drag and drop 2 files (the character and the animation) to the new converter and your done.

The converter builds the bones and the animation including face morphs in seconds and provides you a animated character in .FBX format, that can be further used in your favorite 3D program, Like Blender, 3D Max, Maya or Mobu.

Only $39.00 USD for a limited time.

We urge you to check out the preview videos on this product before makng your purchase decision..
Preview Playlist here

Thanks and Cheers from Truebones Motions Animation Studios.

GET IT HERE! Only $39 USD for a limited time.