REMINDER [.MMD] to .FBX, Easy to use DRAG and DROP Software SALE ENDS SOON

Howdy Folks, Great News from Truebones.

ITS HERE! [.MMD] to FBX opens up MILLIONS of new possibility's for the animator.

Any Character or any Animation that is [.MMD.]  (search mmd on youtube ) Can be yours in seconds.

This includes finished animation with all the trimmings, like physics hair and soft body dynamics.

Simply drag and drop 2 files (the character and the animation) to the new converter and your done.

The converter builds the bones and the animation including face morphs in seconds and provides you a animated character in .FBX format, that can be further used in your favorite 3D program, Like Blender, 3D Max, Maya or Mobu.

Only $39.00 USD for a limited time. SALE Ends Soon

MMD to FBX Preview Playlist here

Thanks and Cheers from Truebones Motions Animation Studios.

GET IT HERE! Only $39 USD for a limited time.