REMINDER: The Worlds Largest MOCAP LIBRARY in .BVH and .FBX formats.

Howdy Folks, Great News from Truebones!

Truebones Motherlode is the Worlds Largest Mocap collection library in .BVH and .FBX format, OVER 30,000+ organized and searchable, High Quality Motion Captures in all your native and favorite 3-D formats including, Motionbuilder, Unity, Unreal, Blender, Iclone, Daz3D, Poser, 3DS Max, MAYA and Many more...

Organized Genres, including, Sports, Dances, Fights, Short looping motions for Video Games, Long non looping motions for making Machinima Movies, and So MUCH MORE!  Perfect for Indie Game Studios and affordable for all animators alike. Only from Truebones Motions Animation Studios.

Buy now via PayPal, includes support and pre converted i-Clone files with All access Skeleton Key.

But hurry this special offer ends soon.

Buy Now via PayPal