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Howdy Folks Great News..

Now you can Save HUGE on the the XpandoBones 2,000 Motions Pak only from Truebones.

THE XPANDO 2,000 FBX/BVH PAK is organized into separated Genes and category, includes both FBX and BVH for Poser, 3DMax, MotionBuilder, Maya, iPiSoft, Iclone and more..

Truebones .BVH motions work perfect in the following programs: Poser, Daz3D Genesis 1 and 2, I-Clone X-Change, 3DSMax Biped, iPiSoft, Secondlife, IMVU, Blender, Lightwave, Hash, Ikinema Webanimate, Bvhacker and more..

Truebones also come with compatible .FBX files for GAME animation developers that use the following programs: Unity3D Mecanim, Unreal Engine, MotionBuilder, Maya, Mixamo, Adobe Fuse, and more...

New X-PANDO .FBX BIG HUGE long motions for video machinima or animation productions of any size. EXPAND YOUR MOCAP LIBRARY WITH XPANDO BONES.

NEW JUST ADDED ALL i-Motions for i-Clone 7.2!

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if you have any problems or questions with your order, email us at truebones@gmail.com

Thanks again and Cheers from Truebones Motions Animation Studios. http://truebones.com