THE JUICE PAK, Over 100 High Quality Motions in FBX/BVH formats, Only from Truebones

Howdy Folks Great News from Truebones.

Truebones .BVH files work perfect in Poser, Daz3D Genesis, 3DSMax Biped, iPiSoft, Secondlife, IMVU, Blender, Lightwave, Hash, Ikinema, Bvhacker, Sketchfab and more..

Truebones also creates .FBX files that work perfect for GAME developers that use the following programs: Iclone-Xchange, Unity3D,  Mecanim, Unreal Engine, Autodesk MotionBuilder, Maya, Mixamo, Adobe Fuse, and more..

The Juice Pak comes with .FBX for GameDev and .BVH for Daz, Poser, 3DSMax and iPiSoft. These moves are of the General Everyday Variety (#1 request on the recent Truebones survey results)

These awesome MOCAPS have been Re-Targeted and Re-furbished from their source to silky smooth perfection by using IKINEMAS world class IK solver.

for a preview of the motions visit our YouTube

Thanks and Cheers from Truebones Motions Animation Studios

More info and Previews of the JUICE PAK